'Panic Attack'

Brand New Single





Fatty Cakes plays a toy piano and there’s dancers. But that to me is exciting and refreshing.
— Alice Bag interview with Billboard.com

I always enjoy when elements of the music that I listen to seem to click with my life outside of music
— Joshua Macala Rasied by gypsies

Keep Fresno pissed off,
Fatty Cakes.
Y’all are doing the lord’s work.
— Candace Hansen Razorcake

Creating a shrine to self care and carbs, FC&PP doesn’t leave you bored and doesn’t leave you wanting to sit still and passive.
— Erika Delgado The Bay Bridged


Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries are a musical grrrl gang from Fresno, CA. Amber Fargano (lead vocals/electric ukulele), Vishinna Turner (backing vocals/bass), Audrey Johnson (drums), Staci Mcdowell (backing vocals/q chord) and Victoria Crow (backing vocals/glockenspiel) are known for casting spells on the hearts of their audiences of all ages. From empowering young girls at Girls' Rock Camps across California, to rocking the stage with Alice Bag at The Echo, FC&PP bring the punches and the laughs that keep people hungry for more.